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Water Heaters

Like many household appliances, a good supply of hot water is only truly appreciated when it stops. And if this happens while you’re in the shower, this realization arrives quite abruptly. Here at Pipe Monkey Plumbing, we have skilled service water heater technicians that are here ready to help you from installation, preventative maintenance, and even repairs. Call us today at 515-266-1221.

Sump Pumps

Few things are more frustrating than standing water in your basement. It’s damaging, dangerous and just plain unpleasant. It’s clear that homeowners in this situation need to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Technology offers a number of options, but by far the most effective way to keep water out of your basement is with a sump pump.

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If you’re at the point where a sump pump is a necessary addition to your home, call Pipe Monkey Plumbing. Our technicians have years of experience which means they can stop basement leaks in their tracks and remove the water produced by them with the best sump pump technology on the market.

Line Locating

The primary benefit of our line locating services is the ability to pinpoint the location of your main sewer line. Whether your main sewer line is clogged, damaged or in-tact, knowing exactly where it is makes repair(s) or landscaping work faster and safer.

Pipe Monkey Plumbing provides a detailed sewage line map so you know exactly where and how deep the pipes are in the ground. This saves you from needless digging and potential damage.

We work carefully and diligently to provide the best line locating services to our clients. Call Pipe Monkey Plumbing today and one of our drainage and sewer line locating experts would be happy to help you.

Septic Tanks & Systems

A septic system is a highly efficient, self-contained, underground wastewater treatment system. It treats and disposes of household wastewater. It is important to make sure your septic tank system is running correctly and is properly maintained. You do not want to come home and find a sludgy mess in your backyard or standing water in your basement. If this happens, something is likely wrong with your wastewater treatment system.

Have no worries, our highly trained technicians can pinpoint the problem and have things fixed and operating correctly in no time. Call Pipe Monkey Plumbing at 515-266-1221 for any service, replacement or repairs you might have with your septic tank systems.

Backflow Prevention Devices & Services

A backflow prevention device is used to protect water supplies from being contaminated or polluted due to backflow.

Pipe Monkey Plumbing is a full service Backflow device testing and service company. We provide installation, repair and testing. Whatever your needs are, our technicians can get the job done.

Water Treatment Systems

A water softener is probably one of those appliances that you do not think about that often. Besides the occasional adding a bag of salt here and there. Until you start to notice that your dishes are cloudy or that it is taking a lot more soap to suds up and get things clean. Or that you are not adding as much salt as you used to. These could all be signs that something is not right with your water softener.

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Here at Pipe Monkey Plumbing, we offer installation, repair or replacement options for all water softeners. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians to meet with you and discuss your water treatment system needs.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Pipe Monkey Plumbing technicians provide equipment and services with vast technical knowledge of many different types of water filtration systems. We provide preventative service maintenance programs for water testing systems which helps you avoid problems in the future and keeps your system running for years.

These service maintenance programs can be done annually, semi-annual or even quarterly depending on your homes system. Maintenance programs includes but is not limited to:

  • Replacing all expendable filters
  • Replacing cartridges
  • Replacing UV bulbs
  • Replacing filtration media
  • Replacing membranes
  • Inspection of all mechanical equipment and components

Stop Box Repairs

We provide service, repair and replacement to stop boxes. The stop box is used to turn the water service on and off to your property. It is the property owner’s responsibility for its maintenance. Therefore, service is needed when the stop box:

  • Is too high or too low
  • Is located under concrete or asphalt and is not accessible
  • Valve does not operate
  • Housings become bent and the key cannot be lowered onto the valve
  • Rod is loose and does not connect to the valve.

Have no worries, call Pipe Monkey Plumbing, and our expert technicians will provide exceptional service and get your stop box operational in no time.

Additional Plumbing Installations, Repairs, Replacement & Services

The most common plumbing installation projects involve new fixtures and appliances. What seems relatively simple can actually become quite complicated, especially in the bathroom where proper installation is necessary not only for the fixture to work, but to protect your home from water damage. While we regularly perform all plumbing installations, the following are among the more common jobs we’re called in for:

  • Toilet replacement & repair
  • Bathtub upgrade or replacement
  • New sink fixture
  • Garbage disposal
  • Dishwasher
  • Water heater replacement & repair
  • Water filtration system
  • Water supply lines to refrigerators
  • Outside lawn faucets
  • Backwater Valves
  • Clogged Drains

These fixtures and appliances are all common in modern homes, but the need for a more energy efficient household may push you to upgrade to a better model. Whatever the case, proper installation is a must. Call Pipe Monkey Plumbing, our technicians can handle the most complex and elaborate plumbing job.

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Our Appointment Cancellation Policy:

Our customer’s service appointments and well-being are very important to us. Our company requires a debit or credit card to secure your scheduled appointment time specifically for you and for us to prepare for your appointment. Please note that if service is cancelled for any reason at any time, or if we are unable to access your home upon arrival or if we are unable to communicate with you at any time, a service fee/cancellation fee will be charged to the debit or credit card that we have on file. In the event of a true, unavoidable emergency, the service fee/cancellation fee may be applied to future services within 5 days of the original scheduled appointment.