Start a Dream Career with Pipe Monkey Plumbing

Discover what we mean by our Triple-Win Philosophy! We are accepting applications for Plumbing Service Technicians and Journeyman Plumbers

Are you looking for your dream job? Do you know of someone that may be looking? Pipe Monkey Plumbing is looking for people to add to our team! We believe the best companies are built by the best people. If you’re a great communicator on the phone, excel at assisting customers, have technical skills, are a licensed plumber, and you’re looking for an amazing opportunity—you need to call us at 515-266-1221! Thanks to our continued growth, we have positions open!

If you have plumbing experience and are a licensed plumber, we want you to apply RIGHT now! You simply need to be highly motivated; love to be a part of a team; works well individually; welcomes learning new things; enjoys interacting with people; and are ready for a new challenge every single day. If you meet these requirements, we want to talk to YOU!

What’s in it for you? Excellent question… You want to work for Pipe Monkey Plumbing because we can promise you a new career that you’ll love filled with excellent pay and benefits- but also incredible opportunity and growth potential! Pipe Monkey Plumbing also prides itself in its incredible company culture. Our team members love coming to work each and every day because they’re supported, appreciated, and empowered to do their jobs! It’s all part of our TRIPLE-WIN Philosophy. Here’s what we mean by that:

  • Our Customers Must Win! First and foremost, we do everything imaginable to help ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied and absolutely love our services. If they don’t we do what’s necessary to make them happy they did business with us so much that they insist on telling their friends and family about our amazing services!
  • Our Team Members Must Win! We realize that the only way to have happy customers is to have a happy team of people serving them! We do everything imaginable to support our people, lift them up to make them better, and help ensure that they’re successful. And for doing a great job, they receive tremendous financial rewards- as well as incredible career satisfaction. Just imagine working in a field where you get to HELP people every day!
  • Our Company Must Win! We believe if we’ve absolutely done everything possible to make sure our customers win and our team members win, our company will naturally win! And we must win and be financially successful in order to help more customers and provide more opportunity for our team members and their families.

Now, if that’s the type of company that you’d like to work for and I hope it is! Please call us at 515-266-1221. We would love a chance to talk with you and get to know you better and to make sure we’re an ideal fit for each other!